Interview with Patricia Canac  

“I had carte blanche to choose excellence in terms of essential oils”
Interview with Patricia Canac, olfactotherapist and creator of the essential oil synergies dispersed in the Scent’Health area.

What does your work as an olfactotherapist involve, in terms of essential oils particularly?

Patty Canac: In the West, we are beginning to understand the importance of harmony between body and mind. Today, we are lucky enough to benefit both from advanced research in the areas of medicine and drugs, and also of knowing how to treat psychological disorders. As an olfactotherapist, I work in collaboration with the world of medicine. My work consists in bringing harmony to a psycho-emotional sphere in a state of imbalance, caused by fear, distress, stress, anger and lack of concentration … through the use of fragrances and essential oils. The activity of “breathing” gives us a direct entry point to the psychological sphere. When it is accompanied by the inhalation of 100% natural and active essential oils, it offers a particularly useful pathway...

How do essential oils act on the emotional sphere?

Patty Canac: When they are inhaled, the molecules of the synergies penetrate the olfactory organ, which sends messages to the limbic system (seat of the emotions and the memory) and to the cortex (centre of reasoning), with an interaction on the autonomic nervous system. This results in a state of mental comfort, which can help to promote a virtuous circle of well being.

How did you perfect the first 3 synergies dispersed in Scent’Health areas?

Patty Canac: Isabelle Pandolfo, the founder of Scent'Health, spent an enormous amount of time in the field trying to understand the needs of the people who would benefit from these synergies. This enabled me to develop three olfactory compounds to fulfil some precise objectives. They were defined as perfumes, with the same respect for head, heart and base notes, and based on a feeling of compassion towards their intended recipients. The first synergy aims to erase anxiety and distress, and to reinvigorate the individual, enabling them to make a steady recovery. If they are subject to emotions which are generating sadness, lack of confidence or mental fatigue, they can find a sort of beneficial calm and peace in this experience. For the second synergy, the predominant idea was to give the individual a boost. These fragrances will transport them into a pine forest exuding a natural and joyful purity, favouring the circulation of positive energies and the relief of fatigue, even of a state of overwork. The third synergy was developed to help deal with painful events. It helps patients to “let go”, so they can achieve a state of serenity. It will find a place in palliative care units, as it was designed to soothe fears and encourage patients to refocus on the essential. It is also recommended for people who have suffered an emotional shock obliging them to take a step back and regroup, in order to move forward in a different way.

How were the ingredients chosen for these synergies?

Patty Canac: I have to say that Isabelle Pandolfo (founder of Scent’health) has not compromised at all on excellence in terms of essential oils. Quite honestly, we offer the absolute best in olfactory quality, as I had carte blanche to select the best ingredients from the best regions. That's what makes these 100% natural formulae so effective.

Are other synergies being developed?

Patty Canac: Scent’Health can provide a natural answer, whenever the emotional sphere becomes destabilised. And synergies can be created indefinitely. As well their use in hospitals, there are vast areas of possibility...