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Olfactology and occupational stress in a hopital setting

The Saint Vincent de Paul hospital is part of the Institut Catholique de Lille hospital group. It is located in the heart of the city of Lille, providing care to hospital users from Lille, but also from neighbouring areas.

Assesment ot the scent'health olfactory booth trial

This article relates the feedback from patients regarding the use of the Scent’Health olfactory booth and its effects on the stress associated with hospitalisation. At the Saint Vincent de Paul hospital.


“I truly appreciated the Scent’Health therapy. It brings together, in a perfect and innovating way, olfactology (essential oils), chromatherapy and music. Every session was for me an invitation to an inner journey. The complex essential oils and the musical...

The chromotherapie principle

How colors can influence our health. The colors correspond to vibrations that have rhythms of wavelengths and different speeds. These elements play without us being aware, a psychic, physical and emotional impact on our organism.

Interview with Dr Hervé Staub

“The services which adopt the Scent’Health system will soon notice its benefits…”
Interview with Dr Hervé Staub, a GP and aromatherapist.


Scent'Health is an innovative method developed by scientists and approved by the medical profession.

Interview with Patricia Canac

“I had carte blanche to choose excellence in terms of essential oils”
Interview with Patricia Canac, olfactotherapist and creator of the essential oil synergies dispersed in the Scent’Health area.