The concept  


Scent’Health, a multi-sensory olfactory area

Comfortably settled in tranquil surroundings, the patient enjoys the benefits of an olfactory synergy plan tailored to their needs, which acts positively to restore balance to their psycho-emotional sphere. And to catalyse the benefits of this dispersion, their other senses are stimulated by colours, combined with suitable music .

A new, unique and effective solution

Scent’health® is a latest generation olfactory area, very simple to use, developed by scientists and approved by the medical profession. It acts in conjunction with therapeutic treatments, helping to release their potential and optimise their effectiveness, without risk of side effects. It soothes patients and drives away stress, helping them to re-communicate with those around them and cope better with their hospitalisation.
A “virtuous circle” effect transmits this feeling of serenity to the hospital staff and the entire department concerned.

Many scientific studies prove it: a patient’s emotional state contributes to their well-being and can even, in some cases, help with their recovery.

The advantages  


The Scent’Health area has been designed to improve patients’ well-being, with a focus on making it simple for the caregiver to administrate. This results in a number of advantages.

> Scent’Health improves the emotional and psychological state of the patient. And it is scientifically proven that when patients are in a positive state of mind, they are more receptive to treatments and therapies.

> Scent’Health creates a greater feeling of serenity in any hospital department, which makes it beneficial both for the patients and the staff.

> Scent’Health is extremely simple to use, is danger-free and requires no particular training.

> Scent’Health can be individually tailored, with the creation of essential oil, images and sound synergies targeted to the needs of patients.

>The Scent’Health area is entirely modular, which can be adapted to all treatment centre layouts.

> Scent’Health offers minimum maintenance with maximum reliability, as although its concept is completely new, all the technologies present have already proved their worth.