How essential oils work  


The benefits of olfactology

Smelling a fragrance allows you to appreciate the richness of the plant-based olfactory world which surrounds us as a connoisseur would, and it also reinforces the link with our memory and our emotions. The olfactory dispersion of a mixture of essential oils produces an ambience of well-being while rebalancing the psycho-emotional sphere which can be upset or destabilised by our everyday lives which provoke feelings such as stress, fatigue, fear, distress and lack of concentration…

The immense world of the plant kingdom offers us the possibility of selecting the essential oils which are most suited for the objectives being sought. Via olfaction, biochemical properties tackle the psycho-emotional sphere (we find the biochemical features of each essential oil in numerous writings and literature already published).

As a caption to the diagram showing the action of essential oils

The essential oil molecules are deposited on the olfactory mucous membrane and stimulate the nerve cells. This contact with neuroreceptors generates a nerve impulse, which heads for the bulbar nerve centres and then to the different areas of the brain, particularly the limbic system. These olfactory centres which are interconnected with the neuro-endocrine system, produce instinctive, emotional and voluntary reactions.

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The olfactory synergies  


The benefits of olfactology

The first synergies of essential oils developed for Scent’Health

The first one aims to induce a cheerful state of mind and reinvigorate patients suffering from depression or mental fatigue, enabling them to regain a state of calm and recover steadily.

The second one is like a bouquet of fragrance exuded by a pine forest. It is brings breath of fresh air, particularly welcome when you are overloaded with work, which boosts the circulation of positive energies.

The third one drives away tension and calms the individual, helping them to let go and regroup in order to overcome a difficult situation, an emotional shock or a painful event.

The fourth one is a powerful relaxant which rebalances the emotions and induces internal tranquillity, like a breath of calm driving away stress and agitation. It creates the optimum conditions for slipping gently into sleep.


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